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At Al-Anwar Designs, we do a variety of services, catering to different communities and tastes.

Take a moment to read below and learn about the many services we offer. Whether it’s an attractive calendar or a website that opens new opportunities for your organization, Al-Anwar Designs strives to meet the needs of those individuals and organizations using them.

We can be your choice for an effective and professional service with the highest standards and design ideas of today's requirements and needs.

We look forward to your order, are happy to answer any of your questions about our products and services, and welcome your suggestions. Thank you and may Allah bless you.

Islamic Calendars Islamic Calendar

“Islam Around The World ” calendar features beautiful mosques from all over the world with information about each mosque & community paired with a quote from Quran or Hadith.

Many elements of the calendars can be personalized for your needs*.

General Calendar

  • 12 Gorgeous pictures of mosques from around the World with information & statistics about each mosque, community, and country.
  • Hijri and Gregorian dates are both included in distinctive colors.
  • On each page for every month, a Hadith is displayed in Arabic and English, in addition to an elegant Arabic calligraphy.
  • Islamic, American, and Canadian National holidays are included where appropriate.
  • Excellent for bookstores to include in their merchandise. They are also an excellent fundraising option.

Personalized Cover Only Calendar

  • All of the above as in the “General Calendar” plus:
  • The photo in the month of January can be substituted with the photo/material of your choice. For instance, the photo of your Masjid along with its history and your community information.
  • The inside back cover is yours to personalize in full colors. For instance, the prayer times for the full year (every other day) can be printed there.
  • An additional extendable five inches flap can include a picture of your organization and whatever information you would like to place thereon, e.g. advertisements, organizational events listing, etc.

Partially Personalized Calendar

  • All of the above as in the “Personalized Cover Only Calendar” plus:
  • With this option you can have your local prayer times printed on each day of the month. You can also have the Iqamah times at the beginning or end of the month (where blank space is available).
  • The shaded area around the calendar for each month can include any information you would like to display there. For example:
    • You can have businesses and organizations advertise in your calendar to help you meet the cost of the calendar.
    • You can add information about your organization, names of sponsors, messages to your local community and donors, etc.
  • The page before last (back side of December dates) is yours in black & white.
  • The calendar’s front cover and inside pictures can be changed also for an additional charge. Call for details.
  • The calendar can be personalized even further based on your needs. For instance, changing some of the inside photos. Additional charges apply.
Fully Customized Calendars
  • You can have your own photos, information, and design preferences. You are in total control of the photos used and layout of the calendar.
  • We will work with you until you are happy.
Ramadan Imsakiyah's Ramadan Imsakiyah
  • Looking for beautifully designed Imsakiyah?
  • Short on time and want something that satisfies your needs?
  • Can not find the designer that fulfills your requirements?
  • See our gorgeous selection of Imsakiyahs or work with us to give you what you need.
Post Cards Post Cards
  • Buy a bundle of 70+ Americas most beautiful Mosques & schools.
  • Would like to have your own at a reasonable price?
  • Check us out and see what we can offer.
  • Browse our post cards collection.
Photo Sales. A wide variety of selections. Photos Sales
  • Unique collection of photos: Mosques, Nature, Water, Animals, Cities, etc.
  • Browse our photos collection.
Mailing List Service Mailing List
  • Need to send something to Mosques, schools, and businesses?
  • Get the most accurate mailing list you can find anywhere here.
  • Comprehensiveness: Ability to list “every” Muslim Institution, its basic information and services.
  • Easy of use & Versatility: With the click of a button you can find and share information about your Institution, its activities, services, facilities, and more.
  • Accuracy: Only verified information will be listed. We will employ different techniques to keep the information accurate and up to date.
  • Authenticity: We use rigorous methods in collecting our information. Displayed information is shared on the web wherein people from all over the globe can make comments. If you find something that you believe is incorrect or inaccurate, please contact us and we promise to look into it.
  • Unique Services & Flexibility: Provide necessary services for Muslims that no other site is offering. Institutions have the ability to administer their accounts in an unprecedented way.
    • Prayer Times: Administrators have the ability to set the prayer time preferences so anyone that searches for their Institution will get the prayer times used in that Institution and not a default setting.
    • File Sharing: Institutions have the ability to load files for public display. For example a power-point presentation, a voice presentation, or even audio and video clips, or animation.
    • Photos: Ability to load as many photos as desired about the Institution. For example different views of the Mosque; inside and outside, community activities and services etc.
    • Job Listing: Institutions and businesses can advertise their employment needs and vacancies on this site.
    • Resume Posting: Individuals can advertise their availability and skills to potential employers.
    • Photo Gallery: Share your favorite photos with the rest of the world.
    • Good Links: A summary of useful links and websites about the Qur'an, Aqeedah, Seerah, etc.
  • No Redundancy: There should not be multiple listings of the same Institution.
  • One Institution: One Listing. If you find an Institution that is listed more than once, please contact us and we will correct it.
  • Free: Above all, it is free of charge!
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